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From Job Seeker to Thought Leader!

As a career coach, I work with a lot of people who are struggling to find their true passion and build a successful career around it. Kalpana, one of my students, came to me because she felt lost and didn't know where to go with her job.

Kalpana had been working in the same field for a while, but she didn't feel like she was making a difference. She had always been interested in marketing and branding, but she had never done it as a job.

I asked Kalpana what she was interested in during our first meeting, and she lit up when she talked about branding and marketing. We talked about ways she could turn her passion into a job, and we worked together to update her resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase her skills and experience in this area, it took hr around 5 months to crack a new job of her interest and passion.

As Kalpana started to look for new jobs, we talked about how important it is to negotiate the salary. She stated that she had always been hesitant to discuss her compensation, but I urged her to investigate industry standards and prepare for the negotiation process. With some quick counseling, affirmations, and strategies as suggested by me, Kalpana was able to negotiate a higher salary than she had been offered initially. This was a huge win for her and reinforced her confidence.

As Kalpana settled into her new job, we kept working on building her brand. We identified key areas of expertise and worked on creating a consistent message across all of her online platforms. However, as with any new role, Kalpana encountered some challenges along the way. She had trouble having a growth mindset. She felt overwhelmed and unsure of herself. We talked about how important it is to change the way she talk to herself, when she useed to feel miserable and shift the focus on small successes and growth opportunities instead of small hurdles initially at her new role.

I told Kalpana that she should try new things and get out of her comfort zone. She started helping small businesses with their marketing and product launches on the weekends in addition to her regular job. This helped her gain confidence and get more paid clients and true recommendations, testimonials, and praise, This helped her get attention from many within her organization and different organizations. Of course, she was a marketing champion, and she exactly knew how to showcase and promote such an important aspect in favor of herself.

But Kalpana's clear vision and goal to reach the top of the corporate ladder was her best quality. She helped small businesses in her free time, but she never lost sight of her goal of reaching a leadership position. With time, effort, and her superb ability to showcase her expertise & successes in different forms of testimonials in the eyes of key people paid off. She was recently promoted to a leadership role within her organization.

Looking back on her journey, Kalpana realized that it was her passion for branding and marketing that had driven her success. By following her passion and building a personal brand around it, she was able to create a fulfilling and rewarding career for herself.

As a career coach, I am constantly reminded of the importance of passion and interest in building a successful career. By identifying your true passions and building a personal brand around them, you can create a fulfilling and purposeful career that brings you joy and satisfaction. With the right mindset, dedication, and guidance, anyone can achieve their career goals and find success in their chosen field.


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