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Are you ready for your next job?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

During my sessions & conversations with jobseeker/working professionals, the most common attribute one can make out is either they are frustrated with their current situation or do not have any blueprint of their career advancement. This is something that bothers me most.

The reason behind this may be our education pattern or there is no formal learning on career planning. One thinks/assumes that post-education if I get a job in a company of repute I am settled, unfortunately, it is not true and when expectation does not meet reality results in a frustrated candidate running after a settled job which is like "A journey, towards a mirage, which never ends"

The reality is that our life is never settled and comfortable be it professional or personal and most of us run behind reaching that heavenly place of comfort which is a never-ending mirage. So what are the suggestive and corrective measures that one should practice religiously throughout the professional journey?

  • Have a career path blueprint - Starting from your college till the first half of your professional journey, you must have a SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound) career path, which can be amended over time as you progress.

  • Most working professionals are very successful in the first half of their career i.e. up to the age of 40 - 45 years, but they fail in the second half of the corporate journey. probably because of ignorance or growing complacent. They close their eyes for the second half a phase where they are in the early forties, highly paid but not growing in a hierarchy, and are becoming a liability for the organization, at the same time they are at a juncture where he/she has maximum expenditure, growing kids, higher education fees, lifestyle expenses, loan EMIs and so on, this always bothers them and they start playing survival games which are ultimately lost in the form of compromised health, losing a job or sometimes in another adverse form. As a professional one must work in the first half for building the second half of the career, where the rising single step of the corporate leadership ladder requires high competency and superior skills.

  • As we grow in our experience and with your age, normally we assume that we are well settled and now life is more of deadlines, targets, closing, client meetings, and weekends are for family and personal work. We do not prioritize our learnings on changes that are shaping up outside the gate of the organization and at the marketplace, the way recruitment and hiring used to be done 10-15 years back is no more relevant now, for one good profile job thousands of applications are shooted to an HR. So it is better to keep an eye on changes not only in your industry updates, numbers, and competition but overall advancement in the corporate world, changing job market, a pattern of hiring, and changing practices of Hiring Managers / HR / Talent Acquisition Managers.

  • From a very early you must work on your career branding, which is an essential skill and keeps you on your toes in terms of sharpening key skills and being well present in front of your target buyers. In today's era, just an ordinary resume and sending an online application in expectation of an interview is considered an outdated approach. Especially when you are moving upwards to mid-management level or above, or having your ambitions and plan to raise the corporate ladder, your branding is a must.

Belive this article must have added value to your learning and that is my objective in writing this blog. You can comment in the comment box below or can write back to me at "".

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Rahul Pandey, Career Coach.

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