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Get Multiple Job Offers, Salary Hike & Promotion by building your Career Brand 

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- Proven and tested system which have fetched the  participants Blue-Chip Companies With Up To 125% Hike In Salaries !

- See your career taking a leap by building a powerful personal brand !

- Learn, why are you missing the most of the opportunities and only targeting just the tip of an iceberg !

- The fastest way to a new job & a top notch career !

Sunday, 17th July 2022, From 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Venue - Zoom Live Session

Language - English

"This program designed to teach you the most easiest and effective way to successfully build your MAGNETIC BRAND that attracts multiple job offers, salary hike & promotions"


 Crack the Code of the Hidden Job Market & Get the Attention of the TOP Recruiters & Hiring Managers.

 Learn the Step by Step Method of Rebranding Yourself to Build Your Influence & Impact in Your Industry

 Establish Your Credibility & Get Noticed by Your Seniors & Stakeholders for the Next Salary Hike or Promotion


 You'll develop a strategic blueprint for successful job search.

I'm raahul pandey

Leading career coach with over 20 years of corporate sector experience

I have worked at MNCs like Torrent, HDFC, Hyundai Motor India Limited at L&D and Training & have trained over 15000 participants in uncounted learning sessions.

During my corporate days I have made dozens of hiring decisions and have been hired a couple of time too. 
You can be super talented yet unsuccessful if you don't know how to build, promote & market your CAREER Brand. Therefore I know exactly what it's like to be in the job search market and more importantly - how to navigate it successfully. 

And that's what I'd like to teach you in this course so that you can save time, avoid expensive mistakes and get your dream job quickly.

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What Leaders Have to Say

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Prof. S P Kala
Vice-President Global Research Foundation For Corporate Governance

Rahul has been one of my favorite student when he was doing full-time MBA degree course from HNB Garhwal University where I was working as head of MBA degree program because of his dedication and commitment towards not only in studies but all the activities and assignments which were part of the program. Well disciplined,obedient and a charming person with high moral character.

Priti Testimonial.jpg

Dr Prittiee Gautam
Corporate SHE & Sustainability Manager
at Tata Motors

I know Rahul since our university days, although our departments were different in the same campus, Rahul is an excellent mentor and guide.

He always demonstrates a very positive approach towards any problem and has a keen eye for minute detail, which has helped me reach an appropriate decision in the job shift, and that too on my terms.

A seasoned L&D professional and a great career counselor, I wish him great success in his mission of helping the professionals to climb up the corporate ladder.

Rajat Testimonial.jpg

Rajat Nigam

I know Mr. Rahul since last 8 years now and worked with him in Hyundai Motor India, a genuine motivational leader and a passionate digital enthusiast endowed with enormous resilience and resourcefulness who can very well handle issues and challenges with desired temperament and maturity.

He is so meticulous about the results and deadlines and does not hesitate to sacrifice even his comfort and leisure for achieving the desired objectives.

Due to his ethical and value-based approach, he is greatly liked by everyone. He always led by personal work experience which makes him all the more acceptable and inspirational. He possesses enough capability and commitment to put any group or organization in top gear.

Wishing him all the success in life

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